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TV Box Pro and lack of UHD on Netflix

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I recently upgraded my BT TV 4k UHD box to a BT TV Box pro. 

I have a 4k UHD LG TV which is just over 6 months old. With my old Box, I would use the netflix app and it would play UHD 4K titles. 

I've noticed that when I try and use netflix on the TV box Pro that there are no UHD 4K options at all, just HD.  I contacted netflix who asked me to check the hardware and contact BT. I have noticed that when I go into picture settings on the BT tv pro box that the best option I have is 1080p only. 

I've tried to contact BT support over the phone and on chat and I'm not getting anywhere whatsoever. I pay extra for the netflix premium UHD package (via BT) so bit disappointed that I'm not getting the most of what I'm paying for here. 

As the LG TV is a smart TV, I can play Disney Plus titles via the TV itself (obvious not the tv pro box) in 4k UHD. It seems to be an issue with the box but I've no idea on how to resolve it. It's weird that the older box would allow 4k but this one doesn't?!

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Any ideas?

Thank you in advance ☺️ 

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Re: TV Box Pro and lack of UHD on Netflix

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Completely my fault! The TV box Pro was connected to a hdmi port which was 1.4 only. I've changed it to a port which is 2.0 and all is good! Thanks and sorry!