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TV box

I received a TV box last year and have never used it, in fact it is still unopened in it's original box. I have also paid for a whole year for the TV service that I have never used. I feel the wording on the on line advert was misleading as I would never heve signed up to paying over £100 a quarter. I have been told that I cannot recoup any of my money paid for the service but having received a return envelope for my  TV box is there any way that I can be refunded the money I paid for it.  I feel that if I return my unused box to BT someone else will purchase it at no extra cost to BT

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Re: TV box

I'm sure that when you signed up you would have been made fully aware of the costs involved & would have had a grace period in which to cancel the agreed service.

The box is yours so don't return it to BT but sell it on an auction site and don't expect BT to refund you anything for a service you chose not to use.

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