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TV signal goes off at 01.05 every morning

Since switching to the newer YouView box we find ourselves looking at a blank TV after 01.05. No station is available, the signal just goes. What’s causing this and how do we correct it?
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Re: TV signal goes off at 01.05 every morning

now if you have your Youview in Smart standby mode the default times for it to go into Deep Sleep mode are between 1am and 5am. it will take several minutes to reach deep sleep which might explain your 1:05am experience.

Are you watching on your TV  rather than on your Youview box ?

If so is your aerial feed  fed to the Youview box and then passed  thru to the TV ?

If it is then when your Youview box reaches deep sleep the pass thru will not occur and the TV will receive no signal.


IF that  is the scenario then you can elect to watch the Freeview program on your Youview box  ,or you can change the default time for the Youview smart standby  see

you could also consider changing the standby mode on the Youview box to the less energy efficient Allways Ready  or you could if your Freeview signal is suffiently strong splitting it so the Youview box and Tv are fed separately.