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The Software Reset Problem

Hello Everyone,


Both I and my neighbour signed up to BT Sport at the end of last year (2017). We have now both been hit by the Maintenance Menu problem, where when we turn on the Humax DTRT4000 UHD Box it starts on the maintenance menu, recommending a software reset. We both followed this and lost our sport channels and recordings. Today is the second time it's happened to me in little over a fortnight. As far a I can see if you do another software reset afterwards it will correct itself and the recordings re-appear (perhaps you should exit the screen without doing anything), but there is no assistance or information to help users, and my neighbour unfortunately lost all their christmas recordings while trying to reset the box. I thankfully avoided that, but it did fail to record programmes while in standby until I reset the box.


I've spent this morning trawling through inumerable threads about this, where mods say they're going to investigate and then the thread just dies with no explanation or resolution.


So, could anyone out there who does regularly experience this problem let me know if they've worked out if it's just cruddy software that freezes the box when it fails to auto-update or if it is a box hardware issue that they resolved with a replacement.


Finally, does anyone know how to actually contact BT to register a complaint, as nobody ever responds on their online chat thing, other than the robot saying "I’m reading your enquiry, please give me a few moments I’ll be back soon" and they don't seem to give any email contact addresses.



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Re: The Software Reset Problem

Hi @Paul_H1 and welcome.


I'm sorry you're having problems with the Maintenance Menu problem. I'll be happy to take a closer look at this for you. Please drop me over an email with your details and we'll take it from there. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





Community ModeratorDavidM
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Re: The Software Reset Problem

So that this doesn't end up in another incomplete thread, I did receive a support call regarding the issue, but was advised that it has not been reported before, and is not a known issue. I was advised to monitor if the problem occured again and if so I'll post here. Evidently no-one else has had this happen to them, which I find a little strange having searched some old threads, but it's not the biggest problem so long as we don't lose our recordings and there's nothing critical due to record when it happens.

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Re: The Software Reset Problem

I had the exact same problem this morning. My box was in maintenance mode requesting a reset.

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Re: The Software Reset Problem

So it happened again this morning. When I got up the box was on (i.e. the blue light was on the front), but I was positive I'd put it in standby overnight. So I turned on the TV and sure enough it was on the maintenance mode. I tried backing out but it wouldn't let me, so I had to choose one of the reset options. I chose software reset, which it did, but sure enough I then didn't have any of the BT Sports channels, so I went to settings and did Software Update and after the re-start they came back.

Lucky in a way that I noticed the blue light as it wouldn't have recorded the Champions League tonigh but it is very unpredictable and very annoying,

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Re: The Software Reset Problem


This is a known issue with the boxes ( see )

I actually got through on the online chat service and had a chat with the operator, we went through all the usual checks but found nothing wrong.It was suggested a engineer could be booked to call and remedy the fault but at a cost of about £130 if the fault was found on my side of the equipment. I said no to this and said i would cancel the TV service. A few seconds later I was told the engineer could visit at no cost to myself. In the meantime i was still peeved off with the box and found the forums and vented my anger in writing. An engineer from BT (Darren) had seen my post and contacted me directly via text message, the out come was for a replacement box be sent to me and BT to arrange to have my faulty box returned to the BT labs for testing. the last that I know is that the box arrived with Darren and soon as he booted up the box it went into maintenance mode.

I hope this can be of use to everyone, not a fix but a little hope this can be sorted soon.


PS If anyone has lost subscription channels after a reset, Enter the settings and scroll down to software information and update the software manually via the update buttons just bellow DONE.

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