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Thinking of coming back to BT from Sky including first foray into BT TV

I am thinking of moving from Sky to BT TV to try it out for a couple of years as all the channels we watch are available, it's cheaper, and it hopefully doesn't involve having 3 hour conversations with Sky agents trying to get a few quid off when out of contract! , and then getting cut off!

Is it the BT Tv Box pro that comes as standard when you sign up? 

I gather that this box allows you to stream content from the internet rather than having to get an aerial?  Is there any advantage to getting a TV aerial?

Does the TV box allow you to record streamed content or only content through the aerial?  I assume it must allow you to record streamed content otherwise it would be pretty useless without an aerial?

The box is labelled as UHD, but I don't see any actual UHD services mentioned - what is actually available in UHD?

How many additional boxes can I add (I understand they are only streaming boxes)?  We currently have 3 Sky miniboxes in different rooms, so I would need to either get 3 additional boxes, or find a different way to supply those rooms.

Can you order additional boosters or mesh with it?  We have a large house and one router is surely not going to be enough - we currently have 5 different access points around the house (1 booster, and 4 Sky boxes).  I would need to figure out a way to duplicate or improve on this.

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Re: Thinking of coming back to BT from Sky including first foray into BT TV

The BT TV pro box does come as standard with a BT TV Subscription the BT TV Pro box is 4K and you can connect an aerial if you wish but you really don't need to as most content is delivered over broadband. 

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