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Truncated recording: Live Fight Night on Sky Sports HD

So yet again my BT YouView box has failed to accomplish its one and only task. That being to record programmes.

I set a recording for Live:Fight Night on Sky Sports HD which was broadcast from 8pm to 11pm on Saturday 8 December. The programme recorded fine until the 8th round of the main event, Kell Brook vs Michael Zefara whereupon the recording ended, obviously before the end of the fight and the conclusion of the programme.

I pay the thick end of £40 a month for a subscription to the Sky Sports channels and still after YEARS of highlighting the fallibility of (so called) accurate recording on YouView we still have to put up with this GARBAGE.

Honestly, I despair. My previous box - which was released in the early 2000’s - always recorded programmes in their entirety.

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Re: Truncated recording: Live Fight Night on Sky Sports HD

Would someone from BT like to advise on whether I am due a part refund on my monthly Sky subscription? Seems to me BT are failing to deliver the service that I’m paying for and as such it represents a breach of contract.

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