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UHD Box missing Recordings in a series



I have had a UHD box for about a month and during that time it has simply not recorded several episodes in a series, while recording other episodes OK.  No error messages are displayed, theres simply no recorded programme  I think all failures have been on freeview channels


Last night, I was watching a recorded programme, while BBC1 HD should have recorded from 8pm.  I stopped my playback around 8:55 and noted that the recording had not started at 8pm.  It then started and recorded around 5 minutes at the end of the show (ie from 8:57 until around 9:02 pm)


I have set up a number of arbitary recordings, (both freeview and internet delivered) tonight to see what happens


I've noted that the BBC1 signal strength is 58% and quality is 100%


Broadband is 70Mb


I've seen a few similar posts on this, some unanswered, a couple suggesting signal strength may be an issue.  On watching Freeview channels, I get no freezing or pixillation.


Does anyone else have this, or can you confirm if it is the signal strength?


I have a call out for Friday, but would like to avoid it if it is the signal



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Re: UHD Box missing Recordings in a series

Hi @PEMforumReg ,

 I see you have a couple of  separate threads on the same issue., this seems to be the earliest.


you indicated that you were setting up other recordings to see what occurred.


 What was the outcome of these recording attempts ? any pattern to what appears to work or what faills.


Is the Signal strength you describe for BBc 1 that of the SD or Hd channel as they would be different muxes?


in the example you refer to


can you recall what channel your Youview box was tuned into before you started watching your recording?

when you stoped your recording playback at 8:55 you would have returned to live TV.  do you recall what that channel was and did you thenchange channel for example to the BBC 1 HD channel before its (late truncated) recording started.


is this the only case of such a truncated recording ?


Do you know if you are receiving Freeview signals from more than one transmitter ... you might for example have a option to select a region when tuning or you might have some channels in the 800 range in your EPG ?




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Re: UHD Box missing Recordings in a series



Thanks for your reply


I set up a series of recordings over two nights, and during the day, today.  Various recordings recorded, others in particular on ITV HD failed, some of the failures were recorded as Failed, others never moved from the Schedule list.  I think ITV HD is a weak signal


I also retuned to kent from London transmitters.  I'm in Essex.  This caused some to increase in strenght (ie BBC 1 HD), but others reduced.  On this Tx, I can't receive ITV HD on Ch 103, but can on 805


Trying London Live (ch 😎 on the Kent Tx, I only had 10% indicated signal level, I tried a timed recording on this channel, which started, but ran for 3 hours instead of 1 (presumably missing the 'stop' instruction)  The live picture is fine, no pixillation or break-up.


Other channels are down at <40%


The SS I quoted was for the HD channel


I think I was watching BBC1 HD on 101, which should have recorded, but didnt.


I can understand it might be my signal level, but cannot get BT to say what it needs to be.  I have a engineer booked for Friday (this is in my other post) and want advice on cancelling this in case I'm charged £129 call out

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Re: UHD Box missing Recordings in a series

well for each transmitter BBC1 HD and ITV 1 HD would be on the same mux so should be the same signal strength. 

your issues are most probably down to the multiple transmitters you have the Youview box tuned into.

I doubt whether there is any problem with the Youview box itself .. -although it is possible some of the schedule and tuning data may be in a less than desirable state ,a maintenance mode reset should clear that data out.


However you need to consider carefully what you tune into. One option might be to filter out or possibly hide the weaker unwanted channels.


I think Youview have indicated for the current original Youview that if you have less than 50% then you could experience issues with Freeview HD channels  , not sure they have indicated  a figure for SD but it would be lower.  


You might get more more advice from the Youview community.

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Re: UHD Box missing Recordings in a series



I've presently got Kent as my selected Tx.  I've now found that I have no ITV HD on either 103 (no channel in the guide) or 805, which has a channel, but presently no image and SS reading 0%.  BBC1 HD (ch 101) is present, reading a SS of 38%


I think its time to cancel the appointment and look at a new aerial.  The one I have is an old unused one, as until last month I used Sky for nearly all my TV


Thanks again

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Re: UHD Box missing Recordings in a series

I some times series link a programme if it looks interesting, some times I don't watch the series any way, but notice that there are only ever two episodes recorded. So nothing definiate ( it's recording all the stuff I want to watch) but I have my suspicions...

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