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UHD box - latest version and HLG update for iPlayer

New to the forum and have a quick question.

I have a UHD box and am interested if it is the latest model as can’t seem to confirm via internet.

Have had since August 2016 and model is listed as DTR- T4000/1TB/BT/DF/V3.

Am confused as to whether T4000 is the latest model or there is a newer G5?

Internet search suggests that G5 will get a HLG/HDR firmware update. Am interested in UHD on Samsung KS8000 is apparently not getting an iPlayer update and may or may not be getting a HLG over HDMI update (although a HD Fury integral should fix this)........Netflix will currently only play from BT box in 4k, not HDR.

Has anyone been able to get UHD through the box iPlayer?

Many thanks in advance.



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