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Ubiquiti AmplifiHD Router to 4K YouView PVR no IPTV

Hi everyone.... My setup as follows:-

Draytek Vigor130 Modem configured for IPTV -> AmplifiHD configured as PPPoE(on latest firmware) -> Internal LAN cable -> Netgear 8port managed switch -> 4K YouView PVR

Since changing to the AmplifiHD I have lost the IPTV channels. I had a Draytek 2680ac router that worked in this configuration but needed the extra wireless range of the Amplifi mesh system. Seems to me that the router is not passing the multicast traffic to the network even though support say it has IGMP enabled. There is no way to check this as there are no settings for it.

Please note that connecting the YouView box directly to the AmplifiHD still does not make the IPTV channels appear.

Apps like Netflix work so I am getting the Internet to the YouView box just not the multicast channels.

Latest firmware for the Amplifi states 'Improved multicast IPTV performance' so it looks like this router is capable of dealing with IPTV.

Any suggestions welcomed


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