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UltraHD Channel Constant Static


I got my UltraHD box about 1.5 months ago now, and am yet to get a clear and stable UltraHD Sport picture/sound from it. I have BT Infinity 2. I have tried many combinations of cables and connections to test it out, no joy, just a mostly green or black scrambled picture with no sound. I was going to call BT to ask for a replacment UltraHD box, given the info below, would I get the replacement?:

- Default Ethernet connection is from hub, via powerlines, through an ethernet switch, to the back of the BT UltraHD box. HDMI from box to amplifier, HDMI from amp through to LG 4K TV (2017 model). HD channels all stable, mostly, even though some BT Sport HD recordings are full of blocky static on the screen with no sound, especially for out of hours recordings. I unplug the ethernet from the back of the UltraHD box, plug it in to my laptop, and run Speedtest and get 68Mbps/18Mbps, plug it back in to the UltraHD box, and UltraHD channel is scrambled, mostly a green blocky screen, with no sound.

- Ok, so I tried to rule out some potential issues. Took the powerlines out of the link, hardwired from BT hub to ethernet switch, to BT box, still no stable UltraHD. Removed switch also, plugged direct in to back of BT box, no UltraHD. Took amplifier out of the loop, connected HDMI direct from UltraHD box to TV, no stable UltraHD. Swapped out ethernet and HDMI cables for others, keeping the direct connection, still no stable UltraHD.

- I have an AppleTV 4K which is sending glorious 4K HDR/HLG signals, which is fed from the same Ethernet switch, works no problem. I used the HDMI cable the AppleTV is using, moved it to UltraHD box, no stable UltraHD signal.

- Ethernet from same switch also plugs direct in to the back of my LG 4K smart TV, and I get iPlayer World Cup UHD signal through it without issue. I also have Netflix app on the TV which also plays back 4K without an issue.

So by all the above, I am getting the speed required, and all the many connections and cables are working as the TV is getting HD quality signal, as is the AppleTV, it's just the BT UltraHD box which is now. Are we in agreement the poor link in the chain is the UltraHD box? Or can anyone suggest another test I could perform to see where the issue could be? I just want to cover all the bases the team on the end of the phone may ask before they ask it Smiley Wink

Thanks, Andy

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Re: UltraHD Channel Constant Static

Hi Andy,

I’m happy to help investigate to save you repeating all that on the phone. Can you PM me your account number or phone number please.


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