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Using a different Humax box?

Have the BT box and subscribe to Sports.

I have another Humax retail box if I were to use that would it pick up and allow me to see all that I have on my BT box. Or is that dumb?


Genuine question as the retail box is part of test.

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: Using a different Humax box?

Hi @stuartrogerson    good to see you active on the community  again,  I notice no one has responded so I will give my thoughts. bear in mind I don’t have a DTR2000.

Currently I believe you could use the DTR2000 as a replacement box. As you have BT as your ISP  it should load a BT skin on your Retail box model. 

You could also use the DTR2000 as a second (non subscription) box whilst still using your BT Tv box  for your (BT subscription channels). Again as you are using BT as your ISP I would expect a BT skin to appear.
The software rollout for the DTR2000 is a different path to the Bt boxes so there could be a few differences in operation and presentation at times ( although the skin is generally due to ISP you use) and range of apps may differ (eg Prime Video).

Your recordings and schedules and any paired  mobile devices will be specific to each box.

If using both boxes in same room be aware  that both boxes would pick up  and react  to remote control presses.

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