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View BT Channels /Recordings on another TV via SLX

I’m seriously thinking of moving from Sky to BT but can you watch BT channels and recordings on a different TV elsewhere in the house without having another BT box?

Currently I’ve a cable going from standard Sky HD box RF2 outlet to UHF input of a SLX signal booster with Digi bypass in loft. You then go to analogue setup on each TV and in re-tuning the satellite channel the HD box is tuned is picked up on all other TV’s in the house (normally via analogue Channel 21 or 23)

Now it only allows you to watch the same channel as the HD box, not any channel, but that’s fine as I often watch something I’ve recorded next day when having breakfast.

So can running a cable from a BT box to a UHF input of a SLX signal booster allow the BT channel to be viewed on any other TV whether via Antenna or HDMI 2? Or is there another work around?

Thanks very much

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Re: View BT Channels /Recordings on another TV via SLX

The system you currently have won't work because the BT boxes connect via HDMI and not RF. We use a Roku Streaming Stick and have downloaded the NowTV and BT Sport apps. This allows us to watch all the on-demand content and also stream the live Sky channels. The terrestrial channels are delivered by Freeview so you just need to connect an aerial.

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Re: View BT Channels /Recordings on another TV via SLX

Thanks very much for explaining how that works Nigel, much appreciated.