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Which Box New Susbcriber



I'm planning to come back to BT after a 3/4 year hiatus

Im planning on taking out BT Fibre 2 with the entertainment package with BT Sport and HD. I did read that BT now sends out the 4K UHD box as standard. Is this correct?


My other questions is regarding 4k HDR etc. I currently watch BT sports for via the large screen app on appletv for £25 a month. The Picture quality is fine but no 5.1 sound on live sports events which is a reason why i want to come back to BTTV.


However i'm reading the the BT Box doesn't give 4K in HDR is this correct? Im planning to upgrade my YV to $k next year but most likely will be an LG or Panasonic so no option of the BT Sport app built in,



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