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Re: Why doesn't Youview box reconnect?

Oldbluey - Try googling sky's fibre network to see where it comes from... Did you try johnkelly solution and did it help....

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Re: Why doesn't Youview box reconnect?

JohnKelly- Static IP worked well for me thanks 🙂

Just to provide extra clarification on my previous post about recording from the android mobile app (if anyone cares... I know this isn't strictly the correct topic...)

If I disconnect the Youview Box, but the HomeHub stays on, the booked recordings set from the mobile app DO get received when the box is reconnected.

But if I switch off the HomeHub and set some recordings from the mobile app, the bookings DON'T get received when the Youview Box reconnects.

Initially I was annoyed with the mobile app when it states "your recording has been sent to your Youview box", as this doesn't mean that your booking has been "received" by the box... But then I found "Bookings" on the swipe-out side menu, which at least let's you know whether the booking is "pending" or "has been booked". Its just that programmes seem to stay in the "pending" section if your box was disconnected at the time the booking was made, even when it reconnects.

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