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YVM302 message

Hi, thank you for taking time to read my post.


I have been experiencing the above error code on and off for a few weeks on most channels and put it down to a faulty aerial cable which I replaced. However today I have lost picture completely on BBC channels plus other channels such as Dave, Pick etc. I tried rebooting the YouView box to no avail and then retuned the box which caused me to lose approximately 30 channels including BBC channels that don't even appear on the to guide. 


When I switch to my tv (aerial still into the back of the YouView box and then TV connect to the box) all channels are working fine, even the channels that do not appear on my to guide anymore. 


The TV Signal Quality of channels such as BBC fluctuates between 0% and 50% when as other channels such as ITV are 100%


I'd appreciate any help and advice as I've been put off calling the BT help desk due to bad experiences in the past


thanks in advance



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Re: YVM302 message

Hi @Leo76,


Welcome to the Community Forums. I'm sorry to see you have issues with your Freeview service on the Youview + box.


Can you please check out the following information from Youview? Youview YVM302 Help.



Let us know how you get on.





Community ModeratorDannyS
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