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Yamaha RX-V667 - no tv picture



I have just received my YouView box and connecting it via the above Yamaha home theatre system (it is directly replacing my black BT Vision box so no changes to cables). This is a modern HT system capable of 3D, supporting HDMI 1.4a, ARC etc.


On turning on the Humax box I was able to go through the complete setup, accepting T's&C's, and channel tuning, but as soon as the box switches to display the TV picture all I get is a blue screen (with sound tho).


I can get the Yamaha to display the signal information it is receiving and this initially shows 720p@50Hz during the Humax logo display, then switches to 1080p@50Hz as the display changes to the YouView logo.  Finally as the display changes to show the TV channel Yamaha just shows ??? as it no longer recognises the signal.


I have managed to connect the YouView box directly to the TV and I do get a picture so technically the box isn't directly faulty, but this isnt how I want to connect the box, nor should it be necessary to have to connect it this way.


I have phoned BT support, who said they knew of an issue regard surround systems that Youview was working on so suggested I phoned them.  On speaking to YouView they confirmed my box has the latest software (A7.76) and that I need to speak to BT!


Sorry to be so long winded but its best to give the full story.  Hope someone can shed some light on this for me




Colin Townshend

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Re: Yamaha RX-V667 - no tv picture

My box runs HDMI to the TV, and (when the software updates to 8.4.20 soon) optical will take DD 5.1 to the amp. This is what YV recommend. My basic Yamaha RX-V371 doesn't do pass through on standby and we'll only have it on when the material warrants it.


This thread over at the YV community forum might help:



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Re: Yamaha RX-V667 - no tv picture

Thanks for that reply.


Have downloaded the firmware, but will wait til the weekend when I have more time, to muck around with the cabling once again and attempt to flash the firmware of my amp.



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