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You view stopped working!

Hi, I have a youview box from BT and also an old vision box, up until the weekend both have worked perfectly, with both connected to the same router and TV. I currently pay for the TV essentials package. However since the weekend when restarted the Youview box it fails to complete the setup and displays only the nearly ready message. I've been in touch with Bt technical support as thought the Box was playing up but they state that it is not possible to run two Tv boxes on the same broadband line. Well this is clearly incorrect as have been doing this since last year (sept) when got the youview box. Can anybody tell me if BT have made a change that now prevents this. I have seen references to multicast. What is this?


I was told by the technical support that My youview box would work if I disconnected the Vision box and only had the youview box connected. However this doesn't solve the problem either as the youview box still only gets as far as "nearly ready." It seems I've lost the capability to view all my recordings and the ability to record in HD. Is this a fault with the youview box. Help appreciated?




After searching on Internet I managed to find out how to get the you view box into maintenance mode. i followed the instructions and hey presto it all works again, even managed to save my recordings. Pity BT technical support couldnt tell me how to do this! 


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