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YouView Box free during conversation but on bill.

Good morning

I had a conversation on the phone this morning to sort out a few things with my account.  I have posted on another forum about my refer-a-friend problem as the call centre staff didn't have a clue.

Anyway, I had been thinking about reinstating my BT TV because of sport.  During the conversation I was told that my YouView box would be sent to me for free.  One of the main sticking points behind me not reinstating it as it has been a matter of months since I sent it back to you.  As my phone contracts have been paid I was happy to start BT TV again but the £29.99 activation fee was a problem for me.

I was told during my conversation that it would be sent for free.  It was not until the end of the call, when saying buy that a £20 fee and £9.99 delivery was mentioned.


Now while I am happy to have BT TV back again I can only feel like I was tricked by the customer service rep who told me something that in the end was not provided.


Again, this is not good enough and I am very very tempted to cancel this order during my 14 day cooling off period out of principle.  I have had half an eye on the deals available from other companies as new customers are always treated better than existing from experience.  I just thought BT might be different for some reason...


More fool me.

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