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Re: YouView Broadband usage

@DavidCo wrote:

I just 'installed' You View for the first time and noticed the following statment on the set up screens.

From memory but the gist is correct.

'You View catch-up (iPlayer etc) & other 'On-demand' is counted against your monthly data allowance'

This would seem to contradict other posts here!!

I was assured, by the 'Options Team' that I did not need to up my allowance to unlimited from my current 40GB as all the standard YouView was included. There are a couple of on demand that are subscription.

Irrespective of what we might be told the legal side is stipulated on 'installation'

I am still within my 14 day 'cooling off period' so can cancel.


When you install Youview - the process and the messages are standard Youview ones displayed to all Youview users irrespective of which ISP they are with and what broadband package they have. They are not BT generated ones.


So for example if you look at the Youview product 




Youview state


Watching on demand and catch up programmes will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance you may have.


So it is not BT telling you that it is a general Youview warning.


It is only when you activate the BT player or  access any of the BT  internet channels that you get any specific BT messages.

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Re: YouView Broadband usage


Thank you, I was going to phone options team as I can upgrade to unlimited without additional cost.

But, I will try the BT 'thingy' first, or my wife will!



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Re: YouView Broadband usage

@DavidCo wrote:

The BT TV Starter Package is £0 so does not have a subscription.



That's still a BT TV subscription. The service is obviously activated on your account and should also be listed on your bills.


Also note that the full price of TV Starter is £5, but it has been offered with a £5 discount for 12/18 months (existing/new customers). In return for this generous discounted period you accept getting just the mini BT Youview box that can't record.


BT Sport on BT TV or Sky is similar. The full price is £13.50 but BT currently give you a £13.50 discount if you are prepared to tie yourself to BT broadband (and hence BT phone line rental) for a further 12 months. Both the price and discount are listed on the bills. 

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Re: YouView Broadband usage

I tried the BT Player etc stuff & it didn't help at all I'm afraid. Back to square 1.

I phoned BT, 'Technical' & the 'Options Team' & explained.

Everybody says that the BT TV starter pack is ok for 'catch-up' without effecting monthly data usage. This assumes that the YouView etc is via BT.

Please note the above word (says), this is underlined & italic.

Nobody I spoke to could provide proof. None at all.


I had an offer on Frid 6th Feb for unlimited usage upgrade, this, as if by magic, is no longer available to me.

I can pay more if I like.

One reason for the confusion, I was told, is that the starter pack is new.

I think a note has been added to my account to clarify.


I am not complaing about the package, it does, I hope, what my wife needs.

Clarity on the other hand would be welcome.










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Re: YouView Broadband usage

You have a BT TV subscription and a Youview box provided by BT (not a retail box).


Bearing that in mind have a look at the "Is everything I do taken into account under broadband usage?" question near the bottom of this page. 


Also see this page.,402,42...


Also see section 39 in the BT TV terms and conditions.

[EDITED: Ignore section 6. That's for the BT Player only subscription for those with retail boxes.]

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Re: YouView Broadband usage

Hi umpire

Re: your links.

I have looked through all that & BT went through it too (I was on the other end of the phone line)

I believe what you and others are saying, and you have historical data to back it up.


The problem as stated by BT is that there is a new TV package (Starter)

When I started the box up one screen contradicted perceived wisdom (catch up usage)

It does not matter who the ODM is or what data they choose to display (rightly or wrongly) it is badged BT and sold by BT.

BT is responsible for that displayed data.

It should not be there, thats all really. If it wasn't there I would never have bothered.










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Re: YouView Broadband usage



I've had a similar experience.  My BB usage monitor is saying I've used 15GB so far in Feb, and another 10GB via Youview.


15 gigs is a fair bit more than I reckon I have used (I have been monitoring my usage very closely), and I suspected that one or both of my Netflix and Milkshake usage via Youview was counting towards my allowance.


So I rang BT tonight to ask for a breakdown of what sites/content had been delivered via Youview and what hadn't.  They said that they couldn't provide this due to data protection (I'm the account holder and also the 'subject access', so go figure?!).


I was told that the problem was that, although I was using the Netflix player via Youview, because I was paying my subscription directly to Netflix rather than to BT (because I was already I Netflix customer prior to joining BT), this WOULD count towards my BB allowance.  So in summary, Netflix via Youview will only be excluded from your BB usage allowance if you pay for your subscription via BT.


Has anyone else been told this?  Can a mod please confirm this to be correct?


I told the lady on the phone that if that was indeed the case then the following text from this page should be changed to include the text I've added in red


Can I access Netflix on Youview with an existing Netflix account? 

Yes, you can log in using an existing active account (but this will count towards your usage allowance).

Just enter your existing account details into the Netflix app on your YouView+ box by selecting Sign in.



As well as the following text on this page:


Does watching Netflix affect my broadband usage allowance?

Watching Netflix on YouView does not count towards your broadband usage allowance (as long as you subscribe to Netflix through BT and not directly with Netflix) and you've taken a BT TV subscription of 12 months or more (even if your contract has now finished). But it will count towards your data allowance if you’re not on Unlimited Broadband and watch Netflix on other devices in the home. You can upgrade your broadband at

Below are the internet download speed recommendations per stream for playing movies and TV shows through Netflix.

  • 0.5 Mbps - required broadband connection speed
  • 1.5 Mbps - recommended broadband connection speed
  • 3.0 Mbps - recommended for SD quality
  • 5.0 Mbps - recommended for HD quality
  • 25 Mbps - recommended for Ultra HD quality


And the following text on this page:


Does BT TV count towards my broadband usage guidelines?

No, BT TV doesn't count towards broadband usage.

This means you can watch as much On Demand entertainment as you want on your BT Vision+ box or from the BT Player on YouView, without going over your broadband usage guidelines.

On a YouView or YouView+ box, if you have taken a BT TV subscription of 12 months or more (even if your contract has now finished), any On Demand viewed through other players will also be excluded from your broadband usage guidelines (except for Netflix, if you pay your subscription directly to Netflix rather than BT).




Please BT, clarify the position/relationship regarding Netflix (and other on demand player) subscriptions, Youview, and usage allowances and strengthen the content in your help pages, as there is way too much ambiguity and it is confusing people and costing them money!

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Re: YouView Broadband usage



I have had the exact same experience as you prw123.


I have also had the same responses from BT over the phone as you. 


I have sent an old fashioned letter by post, and enclosed print outs of everything I could find on BT website and also this forum regarding BT TV YouView and broadband usage.  I only sent this on Monday so am still waiting a reply.


My BB usage monitor was also saying I'd used nearly 15GB, a few days after getting my BT YouView box and watching Netflix, which was subscribed to directly from Netflix. (I joined up to their free month trial a few days after ordering BT TV so that when my YouView box arrived it would all be up and ready to go).  Before this my average monthly usage was 9.75GB, according to BT but I never checked it.


So frustrating.....!!!!


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Re: YouView Broadband usage

Hello Shaz,


Thanks for your post.  I am sorry to hear that you are also experiencing the same difficulties and frustrations as I.


To be honest, the level of ineptitude displayed by BT since I joined (less than a month ago) has been quite staggering.  This has been my experience so far:


1, On my 'connection' date BT send me emails telling me that my line is connected and I'm all good to go (despite me calling them 3 times between my order date and connection date to tell them that - although their system seems to think otherwise - there is not actually a line between the telegraph pole and my house, and therefore on the connection date they'll need to send an engineer to install the line). After getting passed from pillar to post for 3 days after my 'connection' date and being told numerous times by BT that "everything looks fine from our end", someone in the 'technical' department finally diagnoses and understands that the reason I don't have any service is because, as i'd been telling them for the past few weeks, I don't actually have a telephone line.  This is raised as a 'fault' by the 'technical' department (the Openreach guy that came to install the line a few days later agreed that it was ludicrous to raise a fault against something that doesn't yet exist).  


The other funny thing that happened during that time was that during one of my many calls to BT (on my mobile, because obviously I didn't have a landline at that point) I got cut off.  The lady kindly called me back, and then says "I tried to call you back on your landline, but I couldn't get through".  Really? You don't say.  


2, I ring to make a complaint, and get through to the complaints department, who just dump me back in the queue to the technical department (no handover, so I have to repeat my story for what must be about the 20th time by now)


3, Once I finally get my line installed, I discover that I do not have the HD Extra pack, as ordered online


4, When they do eventually switch this on, I get charged for it (it was supposed to be free for the first 6 months)


5, BT Sport App crashes when I try to watch Man Utd vs Cambridge


6, And now this problem with Netflix via Youview using up all of my BB allowance, when it is supposed to be excluded.


I think it is fair to say that I am not impressed with BT so far.  Until they can sort out their infrastructure and customer service they quite simply will not be able to compete with other providers.


Anyway, I'd be very keen to hear what kind of response to your letters you get (if any) from BT.  Call me cynical but I'd be amazed if it actually gets to the right department, and even if it does, they probably won't know the answer.


All the best,



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Re: YouView Broadband usage

Hi prw


I have been with BT 20+ years, had broadband for years and Infinity broadband for the last 14 months and have never had a problems until now.


Found this on another thread;


If you have taken a BT TV subscription of 12 months or more (even if your contract has now finished), using Netflix on your YouView or YouView+ box will have no impact on your data usage.  It does not matter whether you have signed up to Netflix via BT or not.  So contrary to what my previous post states, if you are using existing Netflix user details and purchased this subscription directly from Netflix, as long as you have a BT TV subscription, Netflix streaming through your YouView or YouView+ box will not count towards your broadband usage.


It will count towards your broadband usage if you are not on unlimited broadband and watch Netflix on other devices in the home.


Sorry that I posted the wrong information but I trust this clarifies our position.




BTCare Community Manager



This was posted in November 2014, by a moderator, so seems to be a definite answer regarding Netflix, unless things have altered since then. The staff I have spoken to on the phones, more than one, less than ten, obviously take a different view to information on their own websites.    


For the past couple of days my usage monitor has been unavailable to view and a message appears along the lines of 'you are unable to view your usage so won't be charged for this month'................????  


Wonder if my letter has be read and acted upon or just coincidence.....







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