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YouView Error BTV-251 & Vision Plus Charging For content

I run both boxes by Ethernet cable, the vision box started to charge for content so naturally thought my account had been disabled.  Went to the vision box and got the dreaded Error BTV-251.  Tried rebooting the box & my hub.  Tried to update the software manually, still no good.  


Phoned India.  After a few tests, eventually got to the maintenance mode to download the software from scratch.  Went through the setup mode and now all is fine.


Went back to the vision box and it is still charging for content.  Powered off and did a soft reboot.  Hey presto everything is now back to normal.


For those that don't know, to access the maintenance mode, power off with the switch at the back, as the circle light goes orange press Volume- and when the option to enter comes on press the power switch, all on the box.  It then goes in to the mode where there are 5 or 6 options.  I had to select the 4th one.


The one strange note I need to watch is that the software for the last week has been saying it has updated everyday! which is weird and could be part of the problem.


Manufacturer Software Version    10.6.0

Component Software                  1.3.4

Platform Configuration                 332

ISP Configuration                       27

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