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YouView box has stopped working

My YouView box has stopped working. It powers on but then won’t get past the YouView loading screen, it then just keeps cycling between the waking up screen and YouView loading screen. I have powered it down and waited for at least 10 seconds. I have also tried to reset but it won’t load the maintenance screen. It also makes some funny beeping noises when in the YouView loading screen. I only renewed my contract in December but have had this YouView box for a few years. It seems like it is beyond fixing.

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Distinguished Guru
Distinguished Guru
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Re: YouView box has stopped working

Beeping is often a sign of hard drive problems on devices which is consistent with it failing to load up or enter maintenance mode. So best to report it via phone support or live chat .it probably will need replacement and the recordings will not be recoverable.

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: YouView box has stopped working

Hi @Diane222 ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you are able to sent me your telephone number via a private message, I'd be happy to sort a replacement for you. Thank you,

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