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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

Hi Guys


This thread went a little off topic.


Let's try to keep it friendly and on topic.





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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

it sounds like he has a BT vision box and not a youview one. The Youview box is fit for purpose, we have two and know family, friends and work colleagues with them and no issues either. Excellent piece of kit and getting better all the time with new services being added.

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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

Not completely. I was correct as you know. Perhaps too pointed in my reply and if I transgressed then I apologise.

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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

Another thumbs up here from a very happy BT/Humax YouView user.
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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

I've just cancelled my TV service.  I got my Humax box when the service first launched, and was happy with it at first but it has degraded to the point of unusable over time.  I like the user interface and the integration of services, but the hardware just seems to be unable to cope with it - it's like wading through treacle.


To be fair to be BT they were interested in trying to get me to talk to technical support and resolve it but I'm really not prepared to invest the effort as we barely rely on it anyway.  Most of our watching is via On Demand services.

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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

how did you cancel?  Did you pay the £80 cancellation fee BT demanded?


I ordered a new BT service including TV it was activated beginning of August. End of August I moved into my new flat and tried to set everything up.

I discovered that I can't get BT Sport over freeview - only online.

 online video streaming is constantly interrupted so I can't watch BT sport online - or anything else really


On phoning to complain I was told that there would be an £80 fee to cancel. When I pointed out that I can't use the service they stated that I am able to record freeview TV and watch catchup and BT sport.  I repeated that it is unwatchable and they are not providing me with any service I could not get free elsewhere and I wished to cancel the TV part of my subscription. They then said that as I ordered online I am unable to query or cancel over the phone - I must go online.  Reluctantly I did so and raised a ticket and received automated email telling me to expect a phone call from an 0800 number!  Which I've not yet received.  Were this a piece of hardware I would return it saying it is faulty and get my money back - why is this any different?  I need an internet connection so I can't just walk away and not pay - no doubt it would end up on my credit record even if it did not go to court,  Were I to take this to court I suspect I might get fair treatment but that seems an extreme route to have to follow.  How I wish I'd stayed with my previous provider - I considered switching back but as I said I need internet connectivity and I'm sure there would be a gap in service were I to go back.


How can I make them act decently and just cancel the TV part of the contract which is unusable?

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Re: YouView box "not fit for purpose"

I had the first generation humax youview box which fair enough was a bit sluggish, but having got the newer model ( Bt youview + ) maybe a year ago, I've had no problem at all. I've probably reset it two or three times in that time, it's never missed a recording and the interface is fast I reckon.

There are bound to be bad ones but just looking at retailers like Argos and Amazon (who sell the same box seperately as a standalone pvr), the reviews are excellent and overwhelmingly 5 stars. What hi-fi also give it a 5 star review.

If anyone does have a bad box, of which of course there are some, it should be sorted by BT and if it's not, the problem here is the customer service provided. I understand that if anyone's box doesn't work it is unfit for purpose for them though and must be very frustrating.
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