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YouView is the worst TV experience I've ever encountered

I've complained about my box being faulty and BT don't seem to want to replace it without running some kind of diagnostic tests. But that never happened. I'm not even sure what tests need to be run, it's quite obvious that the box is faulty. I added a video to YouTube to show how terrible it is:


- On most days the box has crashed and needs to be turned off at the plug before it works

- Some days the box takes about 15 minutes to boot up. "Nearly ready"

- Channels take too long to change

- The remote is really laggy

- On demand doesn't work, it just crashes the box

- Cannot record certain channels (e.g. BT sport)


It has been like this since we got it in July. This happens whether the ethernet cable is plugged in or not.

All this has made me go back to Sky. I should have got my internet connection with them as well, and I will do as soon as I am able to get out of my BT contract.

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Re: YouView is the worst TV experience I've ever encountered

That's definitely a faulty box. Ours doesn't do that.


BT need to replace. If they don't then you can claim breach of contract because that clearly isn't fit for the purpose intended.


What have you tried? Have you ever factory restored the box?

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Re: YouView is the worst TV experience I've ever encountered

Or even a Box reset? What version of the software?

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