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YouView recording issue with one single repeated event on Eurosport

On Sunday using YouView, I recorded Liege-Bastogne-Liege (cycling) on Eurosport. Later went to watch. The details showed a recording of 3hrs 15 mins. When I started the recording I had a black screen and zero time showing. Because Eurosport is notoriously bad at timings, I always record the subsequent programme to ensure I catch the finish of the race. That subsequent programme was fine. A later showing of the race was shown over night. I recorded that. Same thing. The recording details looked fine but when I played the recording, black screen. At 11AM on Monday morning, another showing. I recorded that but I also watched the programme real time. Watching real time was fine, but the recording, again black screen. I recorded the next programme, snooker, fine. It is purely any attempt to record Liege-Bastogne-Liege fails. Any ideas?

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: YouView recording issue with one single repeated event on Eurosport

A few questions 

Which YouView box are you using ? (Eg T1000 , T2100 , T4000 )

I presume you were watching and attempting to record on Eurosport  1 or 2 .. was it the SD or HD channel ?

How did you set the recordings up ?

Eg Did you use the  Youview box guide (EPG) or YouView box search etc ? Or did you use the Youview app or the BT TV app ?   

were the recording you set single programme recordings or series recordings?


As an aside the BT Player does appear to have the full race split into two parts available on demand. ( I found it in the BT Player/Sport /Eurosport/UCI Cycling collection)

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