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Youview box frozen

I have an old BT Youview box, DTR-T2100/500G/BT/GF. It stopped working a few days ago, which coincidentally followed a short break in the electricity supply earlier in the day. On switching on the power supply it goes into a continuous loop looking as though it is "warming up" but never completing the process.I have been into maintenance mode but none of the options work. Anybody have any other possible solutions to restore the box or is it time to break open my piggy bank and invest in the latest tecnology.

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Re: Youview box frozen


If you get offered a new box..... read on!

           Had one of the new (Small) BT Youview boxes a few weeks ago, to replace the old one, that went faulty (After a few years).  Problem with new box, one day it's fine. Next day turn it on via the Remote and nothing, it turns the TV on as usual, but nothing on the TV screen, other then the TV telling me that Tuner-1 to connected to HDMI-1, which is correct. Try a re-boot or cut the power for the night, next time it will still be the same. But I discovered last week that it I change the HDMI cable to HDMI-4 (or any other) it will work again, perhaps for 1 day perhaps for 4-5 days, but then it will fail again and produce a blank screen with no menu, etc. again changing the HDMI over seems to fix it! Tried with 2 different TV's the same. Is this box faulty?  Any one had the same? Any ideas!!

This has now got worse and will fail and fix itself even on the same day.

This is not acceptable and if it’s not resolved in the 10 days, then goodbye BT hello Virgin.


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