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Youview error IPC6007

Get this error message when I try to view the extra TV channels on the youview box.


When I ordered the Youview I opted for the extra channels aswell, the order went through ok.


Youview box arrived on Thursday, set it up ok, all channels tuned in ok and catchup players work fine.


Ive checked the system software versions and they are all up to date latest versions.


BT sport channles and extra channels are listed in the EPG but when I select the extra channles i get the IPC6007 error message. When I try BTSport it asks me if I want to set up the channel, select ok then I get a screen prompting me to subscribe to BTSport which I have already done as soon as it went live.


Ive tried looking for the error code on the youview site but cant find it on there.


I have it set up at the moment on PLA's running at 500Mbps, on demand stuff runs perfect through them, I have also tried connecting the box directly to the HH via ethernet but neither option lets me view the extra content or BTSport.


Any ideas guys??


Tried phoning but gave up after an hour of being on hold

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Re: Youview error IPC6007

Hi Marpolo,


Sorry to hear you can't access the extra channels. It does sound like your order might not have closed off correctly. I can take a look at your account. Please can you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: Youview error IPC6007

Thanks Paddy I have filled in the form!!

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Re: Youview error IPC6007

Hi paddy

I'm having the same issue, getting nowhere on the phone and really fed up particularly as one of the main reasons we signed up as BTsport and that to gives me ipc6007 can you help?

Marpolo are you sorted now?
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Re: Youview error IPC6007

Ive managed to get the extra channels working now, not sure if its something Ive done at my end or if BT have done something.


Still cant get BTSport on my tv, I just get the subscribe splash screen, when I go thru MYBT to add BTSport on to my tv package it just keeps telling me that I have already activated Sport and I can watch online now!!


Bg112, I put my Youview box into maintenance mode and did an Internet/USB recovery, the extra channels worked after that.


heres the link

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Re: Youview error IPC6007

I'm having the exact same problem with my Extra Channels and BT Sports package. 😞
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Re: Youview error IPC6007

Mine was fixed by following the following advice from BTCare.

check if there are any software updates available for your Youview service. If so can you download these and try the channels again.

reset your registration - do this by (help and settings-settings-system info-reset registration)

also force a Resync - (help and settings-settings-CA network info-force Resync)
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