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Youview won't connect to Internet after recent software release

I have a Huawei youview box, from a previous Talk talk contract (paid off so I own it). When we switched to BT 14th Oct 15 the box updated to have the BT logo on the menu screen, which was fine. Now though, since the recent update as far as I can tell, we keep getting a YVM104 error. The search feature doesn't work and we can't access players and apps, so no Internet related content is available any more.
The youview box confirms it's connected to the network. I've read of other people having this problem when the BT software installs on their boxes. Does anyone know how I fix this? I've even tried a box factory reset (and so lost all my recordings) but that didn't work.
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Re: Youview won't connect to Internet after recent software release

I'm assuming you haven't taken out a BT TV contract on your line .


A Youview box should connect with any UK ISP and continue to receive box and player updates from its manufacturer or original ISP box  supplier.. The box ISP profile will be determined by the ISP it is connected to and any IPTV package subscribed to.


Suggest you also post on the Youview community ( listing the box model and current software level plus whether you have a direct ethernet connection or are using powerline adapters.)


As it is not a Humax or BT branded Youview box  any software delivered to your box since changing ISP  is uinlikely to come from Humax/BT but rather from another source. What software  and functionality you get is probably influenced by your current ISP address.

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