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can't watch bt tv via web

Hi Y'all,


Been watching BT TV through my browser on my laptop fine for the past year.

I moved house last month and transferred phone/broadband and tv over fine (eventually).

Just tried to watch bt tv through my browser and now get the message:


"BT TV isn't available on this account


You do not currently have a subscription to this BTTV service. If you have recently placed an order for a BTTV service, please bear with us as we update our records, you will be able to watch online / via APP soon. If you haven’t ordered this BTTV service yet, please see our latest offers at or call our sales team"


The transfer completed a couple of weeks ago.


Before you ask me to phone BT, I just did that and wasted several minutes of my life informing the BT person that there was not a problem with my line, there was not a problem with my internet connection and clearly the problem lies with BT's systems somewhere. They still insisted on doing line tests that were going to take several more minutes so I just hung up.


Can anyone advise on the most efficient way to get this resolved - I'd rather taking a long walk off a short pier then try to explain to whoever answers my phone call again that this is clearly not a line or connectivity problem.

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Re: can't watch bt tv via web

Hi Neanderthal,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.  I am sorry that you have been left without access to BTTV.  From what you have posted here, there could be a couple of reasons for this problem.  


It may be because the transfer of your TV service was not included in your home move order, or it could well be that something had gone wrong with the order and it has remained incomplete on our end.  Either way I will be able to shed some light on the situation and fix it.


Please drop me an email by completing our contact forum.  Click on my username (SeanD) and you will find the 'mods contact link' under the 'About me' section of my profile.




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Re: can't watch bt tv via web

Exact same happening to me has been since i signed up for bt tv if bt tv isn't on my account how come i can view the channels on my bt tv youview box?

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