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yet again, bt bad service (youview gripe already)

(previously tried to cancel vision within 7 days but lets not go there)


Great, so i got the emai about youview, was excited to upgrade and get it so i dont have to flick between tv freeview for hd channels anymore.


So i ring them up, on the number which is on the email which quite clearly tells me i can order youview NOW before the official release date.


I want to upgrade my broadband to unlimited aswell so im basically ordering a new contract (which ends in a few weeks)


whoah and behold an hour later , theres a problem ordering you view, theyll call me within 5 days.


Got a call tonight and im blankly told that i cannot order youview as its not released yet???? i tell her about the early bird email and mention people on the forums ordering it aswell. i get told she'll call me back


im called back told i need to speak to a different department and put on hold! great, im eating my dinner in the evening and now im on hold!


Im told because im on an old triple package the system cant order youview until the 26th! and i have to call back on the 26th.    


luckily im out of contract in a few weeks.  im seriously considering sky.





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