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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

My G4 box has been fine for 2 weeks now except for one instance of  a frozen picture / box which was only cured by unplugging .

Had Homeland set on series link @ 9pm CH4HD last night and settled down to watch it at 9.20 (red recording light on no other recordings running)

All I got was 48 seconds . Stopping and starting again made no difference nor did switching box on/off just 48 seconds .Red rec light still glowing.

Luckily watched it on plus one which wasnt ideal - having to sit through adverts and then late to bed !!.

Very annoying the box cant be trusted to do what its suppose to.

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

This has been happening to my youview box pretty much since I have had the service (a few months). Most recordings work but it ruined the XFactor Final for me last night and my wife was less that impressed.


I have the new Youview+ box, the small slim box with recording with the latest firmware / software updates (I checked last night to make sure there wasnt a new version incase it had a fix and was told its running the latest firmware).


My HDD is only 16% used.


Series link XFACTOR on ITV HD. We didnt watch Saturday nights final as we were out and didnt want to watch Sundays Finale until we watched Saturdays show. I watched the Red light on the front of the youview box for a couple of hours on Sunday indicating the show was recording so assumed that it had recorded. We watched Saturdays show from a successful recording then flicked to Sundays recorded show, "Partial Recorded" was displayed , on playback it had recorded 2 Minutes and 20 seconds. It recorded the lead in to the show but when the show was just about the start, it cut off.


Is there some kind of embedded signal in the show that indicates, start adverts end etc that is upsetting the recording ?


So one miserable wife later I searched the internet and found we are not alone. NEVER EVER had any issues like this with sky+, only issue I had was the price, but if this is the quality or product BT put out people may not have a choice.


So we missed the XFactor final.


This is not the first time this has happened. X Factor has been a particular issue where before I had assumed perhaps it was something I had done but now I think there is enough evidence out there to strongly support the theory that this is a s/w issue on the Youview Platform.


I did try a few things I read that might have helped. I rebooted the Youview box , still the same. I have had it in the past where on a second attempt at viewing a show it would actually play the full lot.




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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

BT Youview problems.

Weekend 13-14 December 2014.


The youview box stopped writing data to the disk after the first few minutes of the recording.

The youview guide and “My View” recordings list both showed the program as recording.

The facility to stop recording would not stop the recording.

The delete facility said it could not delete programs which were being recorded.

The Youview guide showed failed recordings as part recorded, selecting the program for playback showed 2 or 3 minutes recorded.


Catch-up using program schedule

Did not start the program, it just hung


Iplayer direct

Played the program but without sound


Programs recorded before 13 December

On 14 December we attempted to play a program which had been recorded on Friday 12 December.

This appeared to show a full recorded program but the first attempt to play it stopped after about 2 minutes saying playback completed. A second attempt to play it worked satisfactorily.


Programs recorded after 14 December

All appeared to record successfully, (correct recording time reported on Myview and a tick on the record flag on the youview guide) but we have not yet fully watched all of them.

One of the programs played the first few minutes and stopped even though it was showing a 59 minutes recording. At a second attempt it played the whole 59 minute recording.



Most of the programs we record and had problems with are from BBC1 (Southeast region).

The program recorded on 15 December which only played completely at second attempt was BBC2.

We do not attempt to record HD transmissions as we experienced similar problems when recording HD programs some time ago and had assumed that it was HD causing the problem. The problem went away when we stopped recording HD.

The Youview box is a Humax DTRT1000 variant 80B08500. It shows Humax A7.76 on the startup screen. It was originally installed in early May 2014.

The software was last updated 27/11/2014, Manufacturer software 20.9.0, Component Software 2.8.18, Platform Configuration 1234, ISP Configuration 220.

Our Infinity broadband connection is through a Hub4. The connection from the hub to the Youview box is a direct wired connection.

There is 75% free diskspace.

Attempt to resolve problems todate:

  • Power shutdown of Youview box and home hub.
  • Soft reboot of box by holding down the button on the front for eight seconds.
  • Disconnected, checked and reconnected all of the cables and the aerial cable.

I disconnected and reconnected the aerial cable during recording. (The screen went blank as I would expect) This did not stop the recording.

Channel display shows Strength around the 70% level and quality 100%. The transmitter aerial is less than 1 mile from our receiving aerial.

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

I spoke too soon.  Haven't had any problems last couple of weeks then the other night I get 3 minutes of, of all things, the last episode of The Missing.  Thank got for catch-up TV!  I am going to have to check every single recording I make from now on to make sure it has worked.  Annoying!

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

And AAARRRGGGHHHHH from me too. I had the problem in November, then I thought it was fixed. I had many trouble free weeks operation and then llast night it all went wrong again. A recording of Film 2014 stopped after 2 minutes and then played back fine, then I tried watching Masterchef in 'catchup' mode (watching the start while the program is still recording). The recording stopped after 2 minutes, then the whole box froze and my only option was to power it off. I'm now checking the other recordings. Not a happy camper!!!!!

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

Yep - the problem is definitley back. 2 minute recording of various programs since Wednesday 17th including final episode of The Fall. Whatever YouView and/or BT have done to 'fix' the problem, can you please undo it and fix it properly!! 

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

Do BT take any interest in what is being said on this blog.

If they do how about some indication of what steps they are taking to resolve this problem as it seems to be affecting a lot of their customers.

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

Hello  BT - anyone out there.....


Another 2 recordings of 37 seconds and 45 seconds last night.

Not fit for purpose


getting beyond a joke now . :smileymad:


Would be nice for a mod to respond to this thread

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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes


I am having the same problems with recordings can anyone tell me is bt doing anything at all to put this right many thanks Adyp
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Re: youview recordings stopping after 2 minutes

Does BT actually look at their own forum??? It's called BTCARE maybe should be BT DONT CARE!!!!
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