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2019 Master Socket kit loose

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I have just received a 2019 5C master socket and MK4 faceplate as a single unit purchase.

When I removed the packaging the 2 halves just separated. On closer inspection the 2 side clips just don't marry up correctly. The outer clips on the faceplate need to be a mm or 2 further out so they clip into/onto the 5C pegs.

As a result I'm wary of fitting it to replace a 1984 small LJU that has gone from white to yellow and needs an unsightly microfilter.

I've asked the seller who just said 'once you fix it to the wall it'll be fine'. I'm not so sure.

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Re: 2019 Master Socket kit loose

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Are you still a BT Retail customer?

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Re: 2019 Master Socket kit loose

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The clips are absolute dog **bleep**. Openreach Engineers have been raising issues with them ever since the 5c was brought onto the market and have repeatedly asked for the 5a to be brought back.

What you need to do is DON’T screw the 5c Socket onto the back Plate so tight it warps.

Then on the MK4 Plate bend the clips back a few times but not to much. Then push it against the 5c, make a fist and bang the MK4 Plate on with the bottom of your fist like so. 🤛 

If you’re lucky it’ll hold, at least for a wile.

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Re: 2019 Master Socket kit loose

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Thanks for that 'expected' reply. Others have said similar. You have provided a possible solution.

I've mentioned the problem at a few places and the replies have been either that I've fitted it wrong to 'it works for me' even though I've specified each time that all I've done is unpacked it and manually tried clipping the two halves together on the bench.

I'm a BT customer but the house in question is a Plusnet customer. This new self install fibre broadband a month ago meant we were forced to use the microfilter as no engineer turns up now.

When I bought the kit I also bought the Openreach surface mount box which I was intending to mount on plasterboard.

The current microfilter setup works perfectly OK but dangling out of a yellowing socket looks ugly.



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Re: 2019 Master Socket kit loose

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I'll follow this up because it is solved.

I sat (watching telly) for about 15 mins whilst gently teasing, bend/release, the 2 clips apart by a few mm at a time.

In the end the clips had indeed moved outwards somewhat and maybe the heat from my fingers had helped.

I then had to physically press the clips inwards to get them into the slots and when pushed home it clicked into position properly.

As an aside, I moved the socket closer to the corner of the room where the BT cable enters and discovered that some muppet had positioned the LJU2/1A by extending the 2 pair of blue/orange wires with a 4 pair lead and had just twisted the blue pair together and taped them with brown shiny parcel tape that was disintegrating.

Proper Job

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