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250% increase in Bill.

My Bill for Bt sport went up from £6 to £22 from December to Jan. Discount as I signed up for the year.


I renewed my phone/internet/bt sports contract in Dec after receiving email saying increase would be about £2.. I have wasted time in "chat" to support desk and they have missed two dates that they promised to phone back.


During one of the chats the person wrote 

"In common with the rest of the industry we do need to review our prices from time to time. This helps us to balance the investments we are constantly making to improve our products and deliver the best possible service for our customers.


I wrote "without any notification?"


and they promised to get someone to call back..... and they didn't.... I chatted to a manager who wrote;


"The only thing I can assure you is they will contact you today"..... and they did not.


I have had business and personal services with BT for years; will now move.





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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

I was told increase would be £2... Increase was then £16.

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Re: 250% increase in Bill.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

Hi @fromlondon,


I'm sorry to hear what happened. I'd like my team to help you get everything sorted. You can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It can take us a couple of working days to get back to you but we'll manage your case until resolution.





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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

Private message sent.

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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

You cannot use private messaging, you need to fill in the contact form which looks like this.




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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

Got a reply back from team by text... total waste of time...
....and to add to the insult I have to pay for the texts as it’s a 61998 number..
After a week message explained that £ for bt was the correct cost; for bt sport £10 + hd £6 and second box £6....I have already explained that by signing up for a year I was contracted to pay £7.50 per month. increase notification in November said this!!!!!
Apart from bt being wrong how can any company charge extra for HD... I am getting sky sports cheaper than the cost of bt sports and get double the fixtures, HD/UHD and atmos...
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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

Much friendlier call from BT. Shame you have to go onto a forum to get a reply from BT.


The £6 I was being changed is advance payment for second box. Charged in advance less than the 90 days as expected.


The rest I feel let down by BT and did not get clear answer, just an hard luck story about BT needing to charge more; no movement from BT on price..... %200-%250 increase for BT sport while tied into contract until August. I can't be bothered to argue with BT. Will cut back to BT sport with no extras (hopefully they will not start charging for colour picture or sound as extras).


Once I've finished this contract with BT I will move to Sky. Any future business contracts I have a say over will not be with BT.


Previously happy BT customer for 30 years.



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Re: Why has my package increased in price?

Sky charge extra for their HD channels they are not free and extra boxes too nothing is free
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Re: Why has my package increased in price?



I am not saying that sky are cheap and don’t expect to pay nothing for services and my comment about any company charging extra for HD in 2018 applies equally to sky. sky does have a list price for HD and uhd; **Edited**





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