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4G Mini Hub has not arrived

I have recently moved house, and wanted to continue to have BT provide my internet at my new house. Found out the day after we moved that there was a hold on the line (whatever that means), meaning we can't even place a moving home order until after that has been removed on the 25th. No one bothered to tell me that when I placed my moving home order on 2 weeks ago.

To help out BT promised to send a 4G mini hub to use, said it would arrive today (24th), but no sign of it. The details of the order on my account are not clear whether it's even been dispatched or should arrive today. Anyone else have any experience of how long the hub should take to arrive, or how to tell if it's even been dispatched?

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Re: 4G Mini Hub has not arrived

They usually give you a tracking number and it arrives next day providing it is a working day and has been ordered early enough on that day. 

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