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4g Mini Hub

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Hi there,

I am currently under the bt plus broadband backup and have a mini 4g wifi hub, I want to change the ssid and password just for ease, have read all the faqs and looked oh here I can access the mini hub landing page  via IP address not via minihub.home. Apparently there was meant to be a password on the card that came with the mini hub however this only has the ssid and password for the wifi, I have tried default passwords such as Admin,Password etc but none of these work. I also wish to change the parental controls to off which on reading states goto my account page and login however the mini hub is not listed, my mobiles which are also BT do show up with the setting avialble to control the parental settings will somebody help as I cant find the answers anywhere.

Many thanks


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Re: 4g Mini Hub

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I don't think the password and SSID can be changed, with my mini hub i couldn't access any web gui of the hub to change, even if I had the password.
You can access some settings, from the main screen of the mini hub press the menu button and see what settings are available.

Parental controls on a mini hub are set to light by default, It can be changed by calling 0800 800 150.


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Re: 4g Mini Hub

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Hi Richie, 

thanks for your reply however you will see from the pic it does have an option just need the hub password to go in and change it and as far as the parental control settings taken from the BT web page


How can I change the parental controls on my Mini Hub?

You can adjust the controls for the Mini Hub to make sure you're happy with the level of access everyone has. The Mini Hub setting defaults to light. You can change this on the BT Plus page on

So if someone could help me I would appreciate it.



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Re: 4g Mini Hub

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Anyone have the answer please
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Re: 4g Mini Hub

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Hey @McSure,


Have you tried removing the back panel of the 4G Mini Hub, where the battery resides?

That is where the Admin Password usually resides.


In the bottom left corner of the panel is a little groove which you can use to leverage the panel off. There should be a white sticker on this panel once removed.


Kind regards,


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Re: 4g Mini Hub

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No idea why but it seems as if u must have a capital letter in the password

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