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ADSL times out under any load

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Hi all

My cousins ADSL line is very weak.

Under any load that puts strain on the line, the latency/ping times goes sky high and then the line times out and the line ends up timing out. 

the line is a business connection of 12mbs down and 1 mbs up - so very slow by modern standards but even a moderate load such as FaceTiming or Zoom calls drop out, that should not happen. 

I called BT and they pawned me off saying “you’re getting the stated line speed for your area blah blah there’s nothing wrong with the line go away” 


I reiterated that it’s not the speed that’s an issue, the line hits the speed of 12 MBs and then drops out and the connection is unstable. 

there might be corrosion on the line but it’s hard to tell. 

I will replace the filter and use the test port this afternoon to see if that helps, I just need to document this and see if anyone has any suggestions. 

fibre is coming to the area but it’s a very remote part of England and there’s no urgency by the ISPs to spend a lot of money on installing fibre for maybe 20 users, even if that’ll get rid of the ADSL issues. 

if anyone has any ideas beyond replacing the filter and trying the test port, please feel free to say. 

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Re: ADSL times out under any load

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As this is a business connection, they need to raise the issue on the BT Business forum. BT Business do offer faster and more reliable connections.


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