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Accessing email over Outlook


I'll start by saying that I'm definitely not a techie!

Yesterday I had to load Skype for Business on my laptop and for some reason, it seemed to re-install all my Windows programmes including Outlook which I use for my email address. So I needed to re-install my email accounts - one installed easily using "Add Account" but for some reason, I just cannot add the bt email account - it comes up with the "Advanced Options" screen automatically (I then get confused whether to click on the Outlook or Office 365 option at this point but have tried both and neither works) - NB - it does not go to Advanced Options for the other email accounts. I've tried to install it manually too adding in the host servers for ingoing/outgoing mail etc to no avail. 

Does anybody have any suggestions please?

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Re: Accessing email over Outlook

Always best to select manually configure server settings at the start.

What version of Outlook are you using, what server details are you using? Enter your full email address as your username.

These are the correct settings

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