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Account Error on iPhone6

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Since approx. 5am today I have been unable to send or receive email on my iPhone 6 using my BT Yahoo email account. I get an error message saying that 'The mail server "" is not responding'.

I have not made any changes to any of the account details or settings on my iPhone or anywhere else.

I have checked all the settings on the iPhone and they appear to be correct.

I have tried leaving the iPhone powered off for 30 minutes, then turning it back on again, which made no difference.

I have the same issue on my iPad.

Other email accounts (hotmail, gmail) are still working on all devices.

The BT Yahoo email account is working via webmail on my PC with no issues.

This has happened before and the issue has spontaneously resolved itself after some hours - which is all very well when I am at home and not relying on the mobile technology, but would be a serious problem in other circumstances.

I would be grateful for any explanation or advice?



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Re: Account Error on iPhone6

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The best advice is to do nothing other than wait. Do not change any settings or password. It usually resolves it self in a day or two meanwhile just use webmail which will work via a browser on your mobile devices.

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Re: Account Error on iPhone6

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Thanks, that seems like a sound approach. Moreover, I had forgotten that I could use webmail on my phone, so thanks also for reminding me of that! 

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