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Account Holder Security Concerns

May I ask why family members and friends can't sign into BT Virus Protect (Norton) and Password Manager with their own BT email address?

There are significant security concerns and risks to the account holder who is required to share their account and password details with family and friends.  People should not share their username and password with others, by doing so it exposes the account holder to the possibility that their account may be misused by someone they may think can be trusted.  I'd be grateful for a view on this please.

Many thanks,


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Re: Account Holder Security Concerns


I think you will find that its for the use of the account holder only. You can install it on a number of devices that you own. You should never share your login details with other people, for the reasons you have already mentioned.

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Re: Account Holder Security Concerns

Hi @Keith_Beddoe ,

BT Broadband and its variants are normally a household-based product.  It connects the family home to the internet and the products that enhance security should be available to all with permanent residence in that household.  My wife, son and myself.   Therefore, with the change from McAfee to Norton, BT appears to have reduced the service to the household and will leave my wife and son at greater risk, with the knock on impact putting the household network at greater risk.

So, in terms of the way we should all work, we should each be logging into BT Virus Protect with our own credentials, not all using the Account Holders credentials.  My wife and son each have their own email address that can be registered with Norton to allow that account to authenticate using the SAML protocol in the same way as the Account Holder.

Although there are 15 licences available I only use 3.  I have to ask, what is the point of 15 licences if most individuals would only use 1 to 4, perhaps.  Therefore leaving my wife's and son's devices unsecured.

From my perspective the BT Virus Protect product has been significantly reduced in it's effectiveness and significantly increased in risk to the Account Holder, where their account is needed on each device on which the product is installed, or you forego installing the products on family member devices.  I have experienced a reduction in service in relation to the equivalent McAfee product.

I agree that if the product is for the Account Holder only, it would be fine, but in the past the McAfee product has been for all the family.

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Re: Account Holder Security Concerns


I do not use the product, so perhaps another forum  member or moderator can advise?

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Re: Account Holder Security Concerns

this was posted previously  I don't use norton so cant comment if it works

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