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Activation Day - No Connection


Brand new user to BT. New build development with Openreach fibre to house. Set up account 2 weeks ago and ordered services which advised to be activated from midnight last night.

Hub arrived at the weekend and plugged in correctly as per instructions. 

No connection this morning and bold orange light on hub. I have rebooted the hub and checked the cables. 

Openreach engineers installing in the house next door have confirmed the box in my house was tested to the exchange with all correct lights working and serial number on the Openreach box on the wall matches that on their systems .

BT are now advising no connection until the 23rd April? what is the difference between an activation date and a commissioning date as this was mentioned as well. 

Any help would be amazing as I am working from home and unable to fulfil my job due to lack of communications for video conferencing etc. 

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Re: Activation Day - No Connection


What lights are showing on the Openreach modem?

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Re: Activation Day - No Connection

Current LightsCurrent Lights

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Re: Activation Day - No Connection

Then assuming that the PON light is not flashing, then the Openreach part is complete.

Have you spoken to the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787?

They may be able to explain the delay.

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Re: Activation Day - No Connection

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I called the FTTP team and they are trying to sort it out. 

All tests to the box are working and awaiting a switch on by BT now. 24/48 hours apparently?

If it's not working by Thursday I am to call back for further diagnostic/account check?


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Re: Activation Day - No Connection

Hopefully it will be sorted, now you are talking to the correct team. They are usually very good.

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Re: Activation Day - No Connection

Just a brief update, unable to resolve over the phone.. engineer visit booked for Friday PM. Thank you for all your help. It has been much appreciated. 

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