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Adding btinternet email to iphone X, iPhone and MacBook Mail -failure to verify User and/or password

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I have iphone, iPad and MacBook Air. All have worked fine using Mail to accesss and send btinternet emails until a few days ago when inexplicably MacBook failed with unable to validate User or Password. Deleted account and unable to reinstall. Same problem with iPhone so I deleted the account there too. The iPad continued working but thinking I could not reload Mail on both iPhone and Mac I deleted btinternet account from iPad too. Throughout my User ID and Passwords are corrrect, because I can still access email by means of browser. Tried altering password a few times using browser access but still unable to Add Btinternet email to my three Apple devices. This seems to be a problem for some but I do not see a solution apart from changing password, which has not worked for me. Spoken to BT Chat who basicallly say we are not trained on Apple products. Any help appreciated.

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Re: Adding btinternet email to iphone X, iPhone and MacBook Mail -failure to verify User and/or pass

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Sometimes this Forum is unable to fix an email user ID and password problem. I have found the solution to my problem outlined above, of wrong user and password message when seeking to add btinternet mail accounts to iPad, iPhone and Mac Book Air. After hours on BT chat, on BT Help desk I finally spoke to BT Level 2 email help today.  The failures were caused because of a “technical glitch” whereby my BT account was no longer associated with my email address. No amount of change to settings will fix this. My BT account has not altered for some years but it was nevertheless separated from my email account. This, even though I could access my email using the browser logon route. It is shocking that in the process of seeking BT’s Help this could not have been diagnosed sooner. Instead, excuses about no training in Apple products and BT’s willingness simply not to solve the problem that plainly relates to their servers and lack of training of BT staff. Hope this helps others confronted with the, no user ID or Password message when you know that that data is correct. 

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