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Another FTTP congestion issue in the evening?


We had FTTP installed over a year ago, and paid for Infinity 4, which should give us 330mbps. It seems to have been largely been working OK but we had some buffering issues with Amazon Fire TV last week, so I've been monitoring performance more closely the last few days. Performance is definitely degrading in the evenings. Today, I have had:

311, 309, 273, 309, 171, 300, 284, 290, 296, 253 - all before 7pm

Since 7pm, I have had:

89, 142, 41, 20, 19

Yesterday evening, I had 109 at 10:35pm but apart from that, the speed was all between 28 and 65.

I have been at home on my own today, so these performance drops aren't due to anyone else here this evening, and I haven't turned on any additional devices. These figures are all from my PC, which is connected directly to the Smart Hub using a brand new Cat 7 cable which I fitted yesterday.

When I run the BT Wholesale speed test, then Further Diagnostics, I can see "No Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services have been found at this address. Please check the postcode or use the Telephone Number or Service ID to conduct the test"

And yet when I use, I can see "Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:- Single Dwelling Unit Residential OH Dpole Hoist required."

So, I appear to have FTTP but also don't appear to have FTTP?

I am on the Kenfig Hill exchange. Is anyone able to check whether there is an issue and how it could be resolved please?

Thanks for any help you can give

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Re: Another FTTP congestion issue in the evening?

All FTTP issues are dealy with by the FTTP team. You'll need to give them a ring tomorrow.

0800 587 4787

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