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Appalling experience - moving home

I work from home full time and am reliant on my Fibre 900 connection as I am on video meetings all day.

We have been negotiating a house move since August, and in mid November things were progressed enough for me to start the process of moving my BT Fibre, landline, 3 mobile contracts and BTTV to the new property.

I anticipated a house purchase completion just before Christmas and so went onto the Moving Home section of the BT Website. It promises "Moving with us is easy" and "Try to give us at least two weeks’ notice so we can have everything ready for the day you move in".

When the tool asked me for the date of my engineer visit I selected the 20th December - as I was doing this I thought I would just check with BT that I could do this even though I had not exchanged contracts as it suggested that a first engineer appointment would be arranged for the first stage of installation (I presume getting the fibre to the door from the box).

The nice BT lady said yes I should do this now so that they have as much notice as possible.

I should point out that the house we are moving into is empty, has been for months, and did not have fibre installed.

On the 6th December I got a phone call from an engineer saying that he was outside the house and ready to do the fist part of the install. I explained that I would like to be there to tell him the best place to put the 'box' on the wall outside as the property is Grade II listed. Turns out he was also doing the house next door, and my future neighbour explained that I had not moved in yet and so I explained to him that we had not yet exchanged or completed and therefore did not have keys. He then said he could not do the work unless we owned it and had the keys and that I would need to rebook it once we owned the house.

So, I waited patiently, and today we exchanged contracts and obtained keys, pending completion on Thursday 16th. I rang BT to confirm the engineer visit on the 20th and they turned round and said the earliest they could now do it would be January 13th, and even that was subject to the first stage works being carried out before hand.

If I didn't work from home, this would not bother me, yes it would be an inconvenience, but not critical.

However, I am due to commence a new job on Jan 4th and have lined up the house move and my start date based on having fibre available in the new house from the 20th December.

I am absolutely fuming now that I have been fobbed off after doing what was asked of me, this is my livelihood at stake. 

I am currently waiting for a 'manager' to call me back as I insisted that my complaint was escalated immediately.

Let this be a warning to anyone that expects 'Moving with us is easy' - it isn't. The 4G mini-hub is not sufficient for anyone who needs decent upload speed. How can you 'have everything ready for the day you move in' if you will not do the work until the property is owned.

If I do not get this resolved with the "manager' when he calls (the customer service person insisted that he won't be able to get my issue resolved to my satisfaction) is there any where else in BT that I can complain to?

One very upset BT customer.

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Re: Appalling experience - moving home


Its Openreach that do the work, and the date you were given would be the next available date that they can attend, as they are very busy this time of the year.

Openreach also do the work for other providers, and BT Retail do not get any priority, so you will have to wait.

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Re: Appalling experience - moving home

I feel your pain I have to wait until 4th January for my FTTP Installation I could of went with community fibre I would of been installed within 7 days. 

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