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Asus dsl ac68u missing multicast settings

Hi I have recently upgraded my smart hub  to an Asus dsl ac68u and I am trying to set up the IPTV setting to allow me to watch bt sport. 

I have done some research and can see that I need to change the multicast settingings, but they seem to be missing from my router web page. 

Does anyone know if I need to do something first in order to access these settings? 

Thanks in advance 



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Re: Asus dsl ac68u missing multicast settings


Firstly I'd update the firmware as that version is out of date, although I don't think that's the reason for the multicast settings being missing.

Did you set up the Asus using the wizard or skip that to do it manually?

I assume that your DSL settings look like mine and you're not using Dual Wan at all:-


Also the Dual Wan page should look like this:-



I'll have  a play with mine to see if any other settings affect the IPTV side of things.

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Re: Asus dsl ac68u missing multicast settings

hello Tim,

cheers for the reply 

I used the wizard  to set up my router, should I have done it manually ? 

my wan internet settings seem the be the same as yours but I am missing PPP MRU setting and I have an automatic DNS. 

I am not using dual WAN and my settings look the same as yours on that page

appreciate the help 


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Re: Asus dsl ac68u missing multicast settings


Using the wizard is fine.

Are you on Fibre or ADSL?

And I'd definitely get the firmware updated as yours is 2 years out of date. I'd then do a full reset & start again.

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Re: Asus dsl ac68u missing multicast settings

The new firmware fixed it, thought it would ship with relatively new firmware guess I was mistaken. 

Cheers guys 

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