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BT 4600 keeps muting - can it be turned off?

Recently bought a set of 4600 land line phones. 

I notice that when on a call the right hand 'soft' button above the key pad changes to have a label for 'mute' and that if you press it it mutes the microphone.

Trouble is, when you hold the phone to your ear that button is resting against your cheek bone. The slightest pressure holding he phone closer to your ear, (for example if other person is speaking a bit quietly) and your cheek presses the button and mute your mike.

The first thing you know about it is when the other person starts saying 'hello,.. hello...'

Can this annoying 'feature' be turned off for good?


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Does anything ever get answered here?

I posted a question in BT devices about your 4600 phone but got no replies. Then I noticed that almost none of the question get any replies on pretty much any board.

What's the point of this forum?

Where do we go to ask support questions about BT devices where we can expect an answer?


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Re: Does anything ever get answered here?


This is BT Customer phone and broadband forum.

Everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

You would be best contacting the product helpline.

Product helpdesk information

If your phone is within warranty:

By phone: 0800 145 6789

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm

By email: Click here for email support

If your product is out of warranty contact BT's recommended agent

By phone: 0800 980 8999

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Re: Does anything ever get answered here?

Not entirely sure what answer to your question you are expecting from a customer to customer self help forum. It is not a problem that has an immediate resolution.

As for none of the questions getting replies, I think you will find that the vast majority are answered satisfactorily.

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Re: Does anything ever get answered here?

You originally asked "Can this annoying 'feature' be turned off for good?"  Considering that call muting is a standard feature on mass produced phones now, and you purchased a mass produced product, I honestly thought your question was a tongue in cheek rhetorical one


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Re: Does anything ever get answered here?

No, it was a real question.

The phone allows me to decide if I want to amplify the sound, have the speaker phone on or off, have the backlight on or off etc. I was hoping there would be a way to decide if I want the mute button to be on or off as well.

This is especially as the button is placed at just the right position to be accidentally pressed by your temple if you hold the phone too tightly to your head - as those of us with less than perfect hearing have to do. 

It's only a software button, the effect of which depends upon what the phone is doing at the time so it would be trivial to set a flag to indicate that it shouldn't  show the mute function. My question was asking if anyone else had noticed this and had a solution. (If I don't want the other person to hear me I can always put my hand over the mike!  )

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