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BT Broadband Extender

Hi all, I have a BT Broadband Extender 600 which I've been using for over 2 years no problem.

Suddenly the other day, my PC cannot get an IP address. One of the extenders has the green lights on but the other extender only has a blipping power light when initially plugged in and then it shuts down. 

I have tried swapping the extenders round but the one that blips the power light is always the same whether plugged into the Router or PC.

Am I right to believe this extender is faulty as it seems to not accept or deliver data. 

Any help appreciated 👍

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Re: BT Broadband Extender

Try a factory reset of the adaptor, if that doesn't work it looks like it is faulty.

See link for manual and how to do that.

Broadband Extender 600 Kit QSG.pdf (

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Re: BT Broadband Extender

Try plugging both units into the same twin socket and doing a reset on each whilst both are powered up.

You don't need a network connection to do it but if it's possible to have one connected to your router and the other to a laptop or such device then I would advise it, that way you can tell by looking at the data light if they're working or no when they restart.

Just hold the link button down on each one for 1 second to reset

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Re: BT Broadband Extender

Hi, does it make a difference to the factory reset if mine is different to the one in the pdf? Mine is just an ethernet extender not a WiFi extender. 


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Re: BT Broadband Extender

Will try, thanks 👍

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Re: BT Broadband Extender

No, it makes no difference, the procedure for resetting the Wi-Fi hotspot is a little different but the one I described earlier is the correct one

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Re: BT Broadband Extender

This is the manual for the Ethernet adaptor rather than the wireless one.

Broadband Extender 600 Kit QSG.pdf (

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