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BT Cloud App on Windows 11 Laptop

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to have the BT Cloud desktop app start minimised to what used to be called the System Tray (not sure if it's still called that in Windows 11 as Microsoft seem to like to keep changing things just as one gets familiar with certain features and terminology). Also, if it is possible to start the app that way, can it be returned to the same location when manually minimised?

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Re: BT Cloud App on Windows 11 Laptop

Open the app, and it's icon will appear in the taskbar, (not the notification area to the right).....
Right click on that to taskbar.

Not quite perfect, however, as when you have a lot of items in the taskbar, they don't stack in the way that they did in Windows 10. They just keep in a single line. Microsoft are aware of this if you look in their Community discussions. Some users a calling for a fix.

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Re: BT Cloud App on Windows 11 Laptop

I updated my two Desktops and Laptop to Windows 11from 10 in October and haven't noticed any difference in behaviour as regards BT Cloud. I have BT Cloud set to start when the PC is booted up and the icon is always in the System Tray.

Settings.pngStart Up.png


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Re: BT Cloud App on Windows 11 Laptop

I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and now it is working in the way I would have expected, i.e., just showing its icon in the system tray. Not sure why it didn't work that way initially.

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