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BT Cloud: How does Backup work?

I'm rearly trying to understand BT Cloud so please bear with me. I am running BT CLoud on my Windows 10 PC.

I am only using the Backup feature at the moment. For simplicty (and maybe out of ignorance) I set it to back up my complete 'users' folder on my PC. After a few days it finally finished backing 'Users' up to BT Cloud.

Question1: When I *delete* a file on my PC does that file also get deleted from my BT Cloud Backup?

I now realise that I don't want to backup the whole 'Users' folder and would like not to backup several folders (eg AppData, Recent etc)

Question 2: I want to remove some folders on my PC (like AppData etc) to stop them from being backed up. How do I do this?

Question 3: I realise now that it might have been better to put all the folders into 'Sync' but if I do this now will I have to have to have all my files/folders uploaded again?

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Re: BT Cloud: How does Backup work?

Using the Backup feature

Question 1. Deleting a file on your PC does not delete the copy on BT Cloud so you can get it back as long as you do not actually go onto the Bt Cloud site and delete it there as well.

Question 2. Never found a way to exclude certain sub folders. Only solution therefore is to select each of the subfolders you want backed up individually and not the higher level.

Question 3. Correct and you will also end up having 2 versions on your PC unless you only store them in the BT Cloud sync folder.

When using the backup facility whenever a file changes it uploads that new version but also retains the old version. You can see old versions stored by clicking on the file on the Cloud website and listing all those old versions. This can be useful but be a ware that if any of the files are large it will start increasing your storage used unless you manually delete some of all of the old versions of the particular file that is backed up fro time to time

I used just the backup facility for over a year and it worked fine up until a week ago when it decided to stop syncing  them. Seems BT have no idea why. I suspect I may have to uninstall BT Cloud and reinstall that will be very annoying.


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Re: BT Cloud: How does Backup work?

Many thanks for this reply Bill - It's as I thought...BT Cloud seems to be unlike other clouds. No wonder the storage size keeps on growing if they never delete old files. The idea of going into my cloud storage and deciding which files to delete doesn't look like an awful lot of fun.

What I had hoped was that the folders I was storing would be a mirror of the folders on my PC. But it looks like only Sync does that?

I guess that the Backup section would be good for stuff that doesn't change all that much? My plan is to just use sync (hoping that that will give me a mirror of my PC folders) and delete everything that is in 'Backup'.

Does this make sense?

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Re: BT Cloud: How does Backup work?

Hi Paul.

Yes, although the versions thing on files under Backup can be very useful at times, but you need to be aware of how it works.  If a file gets corrupted for instance as can happen with some database files then the versions stored can be invaluable whereas the Sync folder may just overwrite the previous good version with the corrupted file.

My problem over the syncing stopping has now been resolved by the way, but I had to uninstall then reinstall BT Cloud. It then spent an hour or so verifying the files and uploading those that had changed. Fortunately it did not upload everything again.

Good luck.





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