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BT Cloud Storage only?

I want to use BT Cloud for storage of files only.  No sync.  No auto backup.  No auto anything.

I just need to be able to upload folders and files and organise them in BT Cloud in a way that suits me.

Drag folders from Windows to BT Cloud web the way to go?

Any hints, tips, etc. appreciated - including "I wouldn't even try it" 🙂  

P.S. Please don't try to persuade me to use any kind of automation.  BT Cloud's reputation has already knocked that on the head for me.

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

@TobyArnott Only way I know for the way you want to do it is via the web browser. You would have to do that anyway to organise them the way you want. Unfortunately we're not allowed to use an ftp client, which would be ideal.

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

OK, thanks - that does seem to be the most likely way.

However, any idea why BT Cloud keeps logging me out part way through an upload with "session expired"?

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

@TobyArnott No idea, probably just security, which is not much use halfway through an upload.

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

Thanks for the reply.  I see that others have problems with sessions timing out.

I've been trying to do this anyway and keep getting problems.

Next one is that it can't seem to handle uploading a folder structure.  e.g. if a folder contains 4 files and 2 folders (each of which contains more files) it uploads the 4 files but not the 2 folders.  It seems I have to do any included folders as separate operations.  If that's the case, the whole process would be ridiculously slow and laborious.

Any ideas?

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

@TobyArnott I’ve just uploaded four folders with files inside in a folder structure and it’s worked ok. I’m using an iMac with Safari browser. Maybe you could try another browser. Or create the folders in the cloud and just upload the files, more work organising it though. Quite honestly I almost never use BTCloud, it’s so unreliable. I use iCloud and Google drive. They work and are reliable.

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Re: BT Cloud Storage only?

Thanks again for the reply and suggestions.

I've tried several ways now of just storing a structure of files and folders in BT Cloud without wanting to sync it in any way, and it is just too clunky and badly designed.

I have used DropBox for several years and I'll stick with that. 

I have heard good things about Google One, but its price is similar to DropBox.  I have almost 1TB to store.


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