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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

@JohnC2 @SeanD I do hope that you are keeping the pressure up on our behalf.  

My computer is running the latest version of windows, so I am concerned that " This upgrade is designed to ensure ongoing compatibility with windows releases."

"BT Cloud can still also be accessed via mobile apps or through the web at".  But not mobile apps on my PC which is the only place I want to be backed up by it.  And the website always wants me to try later.

The Windows programme is still using a ridiculous amount of power and CPU. always over 10%, reaching as high as 22%, and Power Usage continuously shown as "Very High".  The PC fan is always on because it is not getting a break.  If that is happening all over the country that is a lot of wasted energy and global warming.

Even clicking the Pause Syncing button and leaving it for a few minutes does not reduce the CPU usage. What is it doing?

I cannot believe that this was allowed to be rolled out nationally.

To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1

One of the bt advisors I spoke to today got me to do an uninstall and new install going through the basic setup. my cloud sync folder is not on the C drive but on the D drive (just a partition) I did point out that it would create a new folder on the C drive and try to download the whole of my 80 gig of stored files to it but he said go ahead anyway. because this new version seems to have slowed down everything after about an hour and a half and only about 500 meg had downloaded a rough estimate was telling me it would take about 6 days to complete. at that point the advisor  asked me if I could stop it and transferred me to someone else. Most of the advisors I spoke to today seemed to be working from a script based on the old version anyway. you would think they would let their staff know they were rolling out a new version.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

@JohnC2  Further to my post yesterday, I found the cloud icon in the system tray & proceeded to test it out to see if it was now working. Bad move!! At first it appeared to be OK so I tried downloading a file but this didn't appear to work.

The old cloud icon was still sitting on my Laptop & it already had a downloaded file in there prior to the  update. Never thought to send it back to the cloud before upgrading! I tried another download, not sure what happened, but I now have a new BT cloud icon within the old BT cloud file & 2 versions of the previously downloaded file, one with folders missing! I tried sending the file back to the cloud but at this point BT cloud came up with an error message saying "Account full" & it would have to "pause syncing."

There it has stayed for the past 24 hrs in limbo & won't budge.

This is a SSD laptop & brand new, so all my files except those I am usually working on, stay in the cloud. Nothing is stored on the laptop, only in the cloud, so it has rendered my files useless at the moment. Some were backed up to a USB but surely the whole point of the cloud is for backup & storage! And I am not going to use a mobile app, that is of no use to me.

My first time using a cloud back up....I hope this so called BT upgrade hasn't caused any damage to the laptop. I don't know what to do. 





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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I had the same problem. My laptop froze, tried to do a restore now my laptop won't turn on. In the pc repairs shop now to see if he can fix it. 

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This is at least the 4th day now that BT Cloud is not working.


It is all very well that "SeanD" the BT Community guy informing is that all is now sorted but I can tell you it is not. 

It made my blood boil reading his message saying that all I needed to do was hit "show more" on my system try to find the app. 

The update REMOVED my BT Cloud app and the update does not install on my main pc or my 2 other laptops.

Totally fed up with this arrogance from BT.





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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1

Thank you.

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Re: BT Cloud 20.6.1

My system has been updating for 15 hrs or more with no apparent change in content. Some files present others not Its so frustrating not knowing what is happening. Is there somewhere on the web where they have posted info. 

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I fully agree with what you you've said, the arrogance and disinterest in this is unbelievable. I have lost, or cannot find anything that was on cloud. Their "updates" are a nightmare including the improved email set up i had to reinstall ALL my contacts manually. It's time to find another supplier, and to add insult to injury i had reminder my contract was due to expire, when i checked it's due April 2021!! and it will includes new features, NO THNAKS.
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi JohnC2

the backup process appears to still be flaky. I have a spreadsheet I update every day. This morning before I opened it I checked the black cloud and it said 'all files synced' as I hovered over it. I clicked on it and saw that my spreadsheet had been uploaded 16 hours ago. 

I opened the spreadsheet, updated it saved it and closed it. 

Clicking the black cloud the upload date stamp didn't change (yesterday when I was testing it I got a green status bar showing it was uploading allbeit very slowly)

I opened the web client and checked the details of the version of the spreadsheet saved there (eventually I might add as I got the 'we are experiencing some technical difficulties please try again later' message a couple of times first) Anyway it showed the same - my file hasn't been updated since yesterday.

This is not a good situation to be in - not knowing if your files are being saved. 

I would strongly suggest you allow us to roll back to the previous version until you have this sorted. 


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

OK further to this I did some more testing.

If you create a new document and save it in your folder it is uploaded to BT Cloud. 

If you then update the document and save and close it it doesn't upload the latest version.

I have my preferences set to continuous for all my folders (not daily or weekly)

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