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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

As I posted earlier, my laptop froze to the point that I could do a restore and then I could not get the laptop to turn on. In the pc shop to see if he can get it to boot up, I just hope that if he can fix it all my files are safe in the "cloud". 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


As I posted earlier, my laptop froze to the point that I could do a restore and then I could not get the laptop to turn on. In the pc shop to see if he can get it to boot up, I just hope that if he can fix it all my files are safe in the "cloud". 

That's certainly what I was told (data all safe) by a BT person.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Same for me. All the folders and settings migrated, but the sync has "stopped. "

As a Test Analyst, I'm appalled that the new version doesn't appear to have been tested by an end user, who would surely have picked up on these basic faults?!

If the app runs via a service, can you advise on what the service name is, as I'd like to try forcing it closed and re-starting it. At the moment, this has taken the best features of BT Cloud on the desktop, removed them, and then for good measure, messed up basic backing up.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

As a non-tech person I have found the same problem of trying to open folders to see backed up documents.  If searching on the Cloud via web browser and then via "All My files" I find that if I try using List View (top right button) they do not open, but using Grid View they do open.  This is not a new problem, seems to stem from problems a month or so ago.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Since being forced to install the update - BT Cloud has stopped all synching with my system.  On trying to start it the App returns an "Unexpected Error" message and won't start.

Also last week when trying to share a folder with a friend they got a permission denied error - I'd sent them a Public Link and never had problems with this before. 

I know everything, including sharing, was working fine in the middle of November because I'd shared some photos then.

One reason for staying with BT instead of opting for a cheaper ISP was the availability of a good Cloud storage solution. 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Presumably the upgrade would explain why I cannot see my Albums on my IPad Air.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

The update should have had warning and since it changes the way BT Cloud works some additional notes displayed explaining the differences. 

I worked in IT for many years and if I'd rolled out an update to a customer product without a roll back option and which changed how it worked without first notifying the user community I'd been up before the higher mamagement having to explain myself and have to have something to roll back to within hours even if that meant working longer with no extra pay.  

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BT Cloud locking out my inbox when syncing?

Ever since the latest update, I keep getting errors from my email software while the cloud software is syncing, saying it can't write emails to the email inbox.  When the syncing stops, I am again able to download emails.  Also, viewing the files recently synced seems to show that the inbox file hasn't actually completed syncing, as there is a long grey progress bar with a tiny portion coloured green at the left hand end, which I would take as meaning it started to sync but gave up after a small percentage?

Edit: I just checked on the cloud, and it looks like the latest inbox file is uploaded on there ok, so the 'recently updated' list is not correct.

Will this issue of locking out files be resolved when other fixes are rolled out?

Windows 10 desktop, Using Thunderbird email client

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Absolutely! The Change Manager would need to see and approve the Change including the rollback plan before he approves the Change
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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Thank you Neil for your moderator post on BT Cloud. However, as others have indicated, your post raises more questions than it answers. I like others would love to know the answers to their questions, including - 

1) Why was it essential to mess up a working system for one than clearly does not work nearly as well?

2) Why were BT paying customers treated like this, being used as guinea pigs for software that was not fit for purpose?

In my case, BT Cloud did start, but not properly. Here are the issues I faced - 

A) Publisher Unknown.  I wanted to sync my files, but was informed that a new update was essential and forced me down the update route. My W10 laptop said that the publisher was "unknown" which was a very poor start.

B) Folders which were being previously backed up forgotten. Once the update was complete, the update seemed to have 'lost' the settings I already had about which folders I had chosen to back up.

C) Different folder path now being used.  The previous folder path was as it still is in the Cloud. That is you went through the Documents folder to get to those subfolders in Documents being backed up. This update makes you select the subfolders without reference to them being in Documents. However, I notice that they still work properly

C) BT Sync Folder duplicated. My laptop then seemed to go mad, with old files I already had in my laptop being downloaded. W10 Task Manager reported massive use of resources.

D) I pressed 'Pause' and investigated. I found that a second BT Sync folder was being created, replicating the existing one which was still there. I therefore turned 

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